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About Confined Space Rescue

Confined Space Rescue is a type of technical rescue operation that involves the rescue of individuals from within confined spaces such as tanks, sewers, pipes, underground vaults or the rescue of such indivuduals via the necessary entry through such confined spaces.

Confined spaces, as they relate to occupational health and safety concerns, may be hazardous to employees due to its design, restricted method of entry and exit, particular location or construction.

The Underappreciated Hazards of Confined Spaces

One of the major causes of deaths in confined space is actually the would-be rescue attempt. There are more deaths to untrained or under-trained rescuers in confined spaces than the victims they themselves hoped to rescue.

Some of the major hazards that result in confined space fatalities include:

  • Worker entrapment
  • Oxygen deficiency (or enrichment)
  • Toxic atmospheres
  • Electrical shock
  • Slips and falls
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Psychological
  • Collapse of materials both inside or nearby confined space


Hazards within a confined space are not necessarily limited to existing conditions prior to entry. While such spaces may alredy be oxygen deficient or highly toxic, it is worth remembering that the work performed within these spaces such as cleaning or working with heat or chemicals may create the hazardous atmosphere.

Atmospheric Monitoring

Working in confined spaces should never occur without atmospheric monitoring of potential hazards.

Monitoring should measure:

  • Corrosivity (check from outside of the space for the presence of acids or bases that will destroy your monitors)
  • Oxygen levels
  • Flammability of environment
  • Toxicity (presence of toxic substances)


Confined Space Equipment

Soft Kits

  • Tubular webbing
  • Utility belts
  • Pick off straps
  • Omni slings
  • Prusik loops
  • Edge protection
  • Static kernmantle rope


Hard Kits

  • Carabineers with locking gate
  • Prusik minding pulleys
  • Ring plates
  • Tri Links
  • Swivels
  • Descent Devices
  • Belay Devices
  • Ascenders
  • Tripods
  • Harness


Respiratory Protection

  • SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus
  • Closed Circuit Respirators
  • Air Purifying Cartridge Respirators
  • Supplied Air Respirators


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