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CMC ProTech Pulleys, Black
SNG - ECMC-300551
DBL – ECMC-300552

UL Certified

UL Classified to NFPA 1983 - General Use

CMC ProTech Pulleys

The choice for anyone that needs a super light, high strength pulley such as for mountain rescue, ski patrol, tower work, and swift water rescue. By machining the side plates, the thickness of the metal can be varied to maximize the "strength to weight" ratio, a process that cannot be done with the traditional bent metal side plates. The unique axle assembly allows a smooth side plate that will not catch on the surface or other hardware. The aluminum sheave is mounted on sealed ball bearings. Ideal for small block and tackle kits.

SPECS: Both Sand and Black
Single:    1 X 7/16in   “G” Use   45.5 kN    3.3 oz
Double:   1 X 7/16in   “G” Use   36.6kN     5.6oz



SNG - EPMI-SM153000N
Red / Gold
DBL – EPMI-SM154000N



SMC Micro PMP Red
SNG - EPMI-SM153001N
DBL – EPMI-SM154001N



Just the thing for smaller ropes and lighter loads, SMC‘s Micro PMP Single and Double are ideal for building a mini haul rig or anywhere that a compact lightweight system is needed. Solid aluminum side plates help keep dirt and debris out of the rope track. Double version is designed with a becket to accommodate compound pulley systems. 
Comes in Red/Gold and Black

SPECS:4.65 X 2.55 X 1.81 inch, Ball Bearing, NFPA 15300/1
Single:3.75 X 2.55 X 1.12 inch, Ball Bearing, NFPA 153000/1


SMC JRB Pulley blue


SMC JRB Pulley Black

SMC JRB Pulley

The SMC JR is the mini of mini’s. Efficient and lightweight its solid strength and effi ciency tests to greater strengths than other pulleys in the same size and price range. A 1.25’’ nylon sheave and zinc-coated axle make any system run smooth. Simple to use and easy to carry into the field.
Nylon sheave
Comes in Black and Blue/Black
  • Precision machined aluminum side plates
  • Zinc coated axle
  • Rotating side plates


SMC JRB Pulley Black 2


SMC JRB Pulley Blue 2



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